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apply for an identity card

Jeder Deutsche im Sinne des Artikels 116 Abs. 1 des Grundgesetzes, der das 16. Lebensjahr vollendet hat und der allgemeinen Meldepflicht unterliegt, ist verpflichtet, einen Personalausweis zu besitzen. Dies gilt nicht für Personen, die einen gültigen Pass besitzen und sich durch diesen ausweisen können.

Der Ausweispflicht kann auch durch Vorlage eines Reisepasses oder vorläufigen Personalausweises genügt werden.

Duration of validity

An identity card is issued for 6 years until the age of 24 and for 10 years from the age of 24.

Possibilities, mode of operation, security aspects

Please check the options, functioning, security aspects and blocking emergency call on the ID card portal after applying.

  • Fingerprints: The capture and storage of fingerprints in the ID card is voluntary. It is not possible to record fingerprints at a later date. So please make your decision already when applying at the Bürgerservice.
  • eID function: When you collect your identity card, the electronic proof of identity (eID function) is activated in accordance with § 10 Paragraph 1 PAuswG.
  • Security and data protection

Issue before the age of 16

It is possible to have an identity card issued. The personal presence of the child and at least one legal guardian is required for the application. If only one parent or guardian applies for an ID card, the written declaration of consent (including a copy of the ID card or passport for signature comparison) of the other parent or guardian is required. At least one parent must be present at the time of application and collection!

Furthermore, a proof of custody is mandatory in case of sole custody or in case of unmarried parents (judgement of the family court, negative certificate or custody certificate of the youth welfare office).

Loss, theft

The loss or theft of a valid identity card must be reported in writing or in person. If the report has already been made to the police, please bring the duplicate with you.


In principle, the application is only possible at the passport office of the main residence. Personal appearance is required for the application. When applying for a passport for persons under 16 years of age, the presence of the child and a parent with custody is mandatory.

Duration of production - Bundesdruckerei

The Bundesdruckerei usually needs approx. 4 - 6 weeks to produce an ID card.

Issue / collection

From the age of 16, you will receive a so-called PIN letter from Bundesdruckerei. The letter contains the 5-digit secret number (transport PIN), the unblocking number (PUK) and a blocking password. Once you have received the PIN letter, you can collect your ID card. You will not need the PIN letter from Bundesdruckerei when you collect your ID card. Please keep it at home and always separate from your new ID card.

For persons under the age of 16, you have the option of being informed by e-mail when the document is ready and when you can collect it.

If you are in possession of an old, not yet validated, identity card, this must be presented for validation when collecting the new identity card.

The produced identity documents will be issued at the central registration desk on the ground floor of Löbdergraben 12.

Representation at collection

You can be represented at the time of collection. To do so, please fill out a power of attorney, which must also include a declaration of receipt of the PIN letter. Give the authorized person this power of attorney as well as your previous ID. The authorized person must also be able to identify himself or herself. If you have not received a PIN letter, you cannot be represented. In this case, you must appear in person.

  • Identity/Naming: To establish your identity, please bring your current (or, if applicable, expired) identity card. To verify your name, please bring a current civil status certificate (original!). Depending on your marital status, this can be a birth certificate or a marriage certificate (book of the family also possible). The presentation of current civil status certificates is required within the framework of the completion of the civil register according to § 3 Federal Registration Act for data comparison as well as for the addition of missing data.
  • Photo: Please bring a new (not older than 3 months!), biometric photo. The picture must be 3.5x4.5 cm in size.
  • Declaration of consent and proof of custody when applying for persons under 16 years of age

Dokumentenausgabe - ohne Termin

Dokumente können Sie während der Öffnungszeiten am Empfang abholen (ohne Termin).

Andere Anliegen mit Terminvereinbarung

Für persönliche Vorsprache wegen anderen Anliegen muss ein Termin gebucht werden. Das geht online oder telefonisch.


Montag 08:30 – 13:00 Uhr
Dienstag 08:30 – 18:00 Uhr
Mittwoch 09:00 – 13:00 Uhr
Donnerstag 08:30 – 16:00 Uhr
Freitag 08:30 – 13:00 Uhr
jeden 1. und 3. Samstag im Monat 09:00 - 13:00 Uhr
Services Fee
Applicant from the age of 24 37,00 €
Applicant under 24 years 22,80 €
Subsequent activation of the online ID function free of charge
Changing the PIN in the Citizen Service (e.g. forgotten PIN) free of charge
Blocking the online ID function in the event of loss Free of charge
Unblocking the online ID function Free of charge

  • Federal Identity Card Act
  • Thuringia Identity Card Act


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