Driving licence for the carriage of passengers - extension

The licence to carry passengers shall be renewed on application for a period not exceeding five years.


You have your main residence in Jena.


It is not possible to be represented at the application stage, as the driving licence card contains your signature, which must be provided at the time of application. You do not have to fill in an application form. It will be prepared by us and only signed by you.

If you reach the age of 60 within the next 5 years, the extension is only possible up to this point. An extension beyond the age of 60 can only take place if a performance psychology report is submitted. When submitting your application, you must declare which body you have commissioned to prepare the performance psychology report. After reviewing your application documents, the driving licence authority will commission the preparation of the expert opinion.

  • The passenger transport licence shall be issued for a period not exceeding five years.
  • If it is not possible to enter the renewal endorsement, a new passenger transport licence will be issued.
  • The application may not be submitted earlier than 6 months before the expiry of the validity of the previous passenger transport licence.
  • Passport or identity card
  • Driver's license: If the existing driver's license was not issued by the city of Jena, an index card copy of the foreign driver's license authority, which issued the driver's license, is necessary. Please request the copy of the index card yourself from the responsible driving licence authority and have it sent directly to us or sent by fax. If you still have an old driving licence (grey/pink), you must apply for the new licence at the same time as you apply for a driving licence for the carriage of passengers. In this case, please note the information on "Conversion to the EU driving licence card".
  • Proof of adequate eyesight: Proof by means of an expert opinion or certificate from an ophthalmologist or a company/occupational physician - an issued expert opinion/certificate is valid for two years.
  • Proof of health suitability: Proof must be provided in the form of a certificate from a doctor of your choice, taking into account Appendix 5 to the Driving Licence Ordinance. At the time of application, the certificate must not be older than one year. The required form is available under Links.
  • A performance psychology certificate is required when renewing a passenger transport licence from the age of 60. The examination includes, for example, a check of the ability to cope with stress, the ability to react, the ability to orientate and the ability to concentrate. Proof that these special requirements have been met is provided by an expert opinion from an officially recognised assessment centre for driving aptitude. The examination is commissioned after application by the driving licence authority.
  • An official certificate of good conduct (document type "O") is to be applied for by the applicant in person, stating the purpose "extension of passenger transport", at the registration office responsible for his/her main place of residence (in Jena also when applying at the driving licence authority).

Terminvereinbarung erforderlich

Bitte beachten Sie, dass eine persönliche Vorsprache nur mit vorheriger Terminvereinbarung erfolgen kann. Diese können Sie entweder über die Online-Terminvereinbarung Fahrerlaubnisbehörde oder telefonisch vornehmen.

Bitte bringen Sie zu Ihrem Termin einen 3G-Nachweis (geimpft, genesen oder getestet) mit.

Ab dem 11.12.2021 gilt die 3G-Pflicht für Besucher.

Informieren Sie sich bitte vor Ihrer Terminbuchung zu den Voraussetzungen und notwendigen Unterlagen der gewünschten Dienstleistung.

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Services Fee
Processing fee 38,00 €
Certificate of good conduct 13,00 €
Order performance test 20,00 €


Team Driver Licensing Authority

Team Driver Licensing Authority

Löbdergraben 12
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Team Driver Licensing Authority

Löbdergraben 12
07743 Jena