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Social assistance - benefits according to SGB XII

Hilfe zum Lebensunterhalt in der Sozialhilfe sichert den Lebensunterhalt von Menschen, die bei Bedürftigkeit ansonsten keine Leistungen erhalten.

Keine Hilfe zum Lebensunterhalt nach dem 3. Kapitel des SGB XII  erhalten:

  • erwerbsfähige Personen im Alter von 15 bis 65 Jahren (Anspruchsberechtigte nach dem Arbeitslosengeld II) und
  • 65-jährige oder Ältere bzw. dauerhaft voll Erwerbsgeminderte (Anspruchsberechtigte auf Leistungen der Grundsicherung im Alter und bei Erwerbsminderung nach dem 4. Kapitel des SGB XII)

Who can receive these benefits?

People of working age who are temporarily unable to work (temporary full incapacity to work as defined by the pension insurance scheme) receive help towards living costs. These are, for example, recipients of a temporary pension due to reduced earning capacity or old-age pensioners who have not yet reached the age of 65.

Assistance for subsistence is to be granted to those who cannot or cannot sufficiently provide for their necessary subsistence from their own resources and means, above all from their income and assets. You may therefore only be entitled to this assistance if you are no longer able to work, if you do not receive a sufficient pension or benefits from other social benefit agencies, or if maintenance payments are too low. Assistance towards living costs is granted according to standard rates (corresponding standard needs level according to age).

With a few exceptions, the former one-off benefits (e.g. clothing, household effects) under the Federal Social Assistance Act have also been included in the respective standard needs levels. One-off benefits are now only possible, for example, for the initial equipment for the birth of a child. Beneficiaries are given greater independence and personal responsibility as a result of the flat-rate system.

Current assistance for living expenses also includes the actual costs of housing (e.g. rent) and current heating costs, provided they are not unreasonable.

Calculation of the amount of benefits according to SGB XII

In principle, you are obliged to use all your income to meet your needs. Certain incomes, such as the basic pension according to the Federal Supply Act, are not taken into consideration.

The assistance to be granted in the individual case is calculated as the difference between the needs (standard needs level plus additional needs supplements plus appropriate accommodation costs) and the chargeable income.

Please ask for details when submitting your application.

Application form

Please complete the application form as far as possible. We will be happy to help you complete the details on the application form when you visit the specialist service.

When applying for benefits according to SGB XII, complete information about your personal and financial circumstances is necessary.

This information is to be provided as far as possible by means of documents such as e.g.

  • pension statement
  • Housing benefit notice
  • Proof of maintenance
  • Proof of assets (savings books, life insurance, account statements of building society contracts, motor vehicle registration certificate, etc.)
  • Tenancy agreement and current rent
  • identity card or passport

proof of residence. Further proofs will be requested if necessary.

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