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Electronic invoice transmission

Die Stadtverwaltung Jena und ihre Eigenbetriebe nehmen elektronische Rechnungen ausschließlich im Format XRechnung über die zentrale Rechnungseingangsplattform des Bundes entgegen.

What is an e-bill

E-bill stands for "electronic invoice". The Thuringian E-Government Act (§ 14 ThürEGovG) obliges all Thuringian authorities to accept and process electronic invoices from 27.11.2019.

How can the biller send an e-bill to the Jena city administration and its own businesses?

You can enter your electronic invoices or upload already created electronic invoices via the central federal invoice receipt platform. Once they have been successfully entered and/or uploaded, they are deemed to have been submitted and delivered. The data will then be transmitted by the central invoice receipt platform to the invoice recipient you have specified.

Where can billers log in and enter their e-bills?

Billers can register once and free of charge on the central invoice receipt platform from 27.11.2019 for this purpose. After registering, the invoice data can either be entered there manually or already created e-invoices can be deposited in the XInvoice format.

How is it ensured that the e-bill is sent to the correct invoice recipient?

In order for you to be able to send an e-bill via the central invoice receipt platform to your clients in the Jena city administration and its municipal undertakings, the invoice recipient must be clearly identified in the portal. The routing ID is used for this purpose. When submitting each e-bill, enter the correct routing ID of your bill recipient.

Routing ID's of the Jena City Administration and its Own Businesses

Invoice recipient Specify Routing ID
Municipality of Jena, Department 1 Central Service/Mayor 16053000-0001-15
Municipality of Jena, Department 2 Finances, Security and Citizen Service 16053000-0001-15
Municipality of Jena, Department 3 Urban development and environment 16053000-0001-15
Municipality of Jena, Department 4 Family, Education and Social Affairs 16053000-0002-12
Municipal real estate Jena 16053000-0003-09
Municipal services Jena 16053000-0004-06
Service company Jena mbH 16053000-0005-03
Jenarbeit Job centre of the Jena municipality 16053000-0006-97
JenaKultur Culture, tourism and marketing Jena 16053000-0007-94

Does this result in costs for the invoicing party?

The contractors of the municipalities and cities do not incur any further costs through the use of the central invoice receipt portal.

E-bills are delivered automatically. If you have any questions, please contact your respective client.